If you would like to donate to the project, to help it live on, grow and get better please contact [email protected]. There are many different ways in which you can donate to the project, so if you can, please do!

Ways in which you can donate

  • Donate money via. Paypal (To help pay for server hosting, domain renewal fees, software licenses for new Operating systems so we can test on etc.)

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  • Donate software & licenses (Such as Operating Systems. This enables us to test on as many versions of Microsoft® Windows™, although we only want real and authentic licenses, so please no naughty stuff)
  • Donate hardware (Ok.. a little more extreme, but we need to be able to test on all platforms. With the software being free, we have little cash to go and buy new hardware etc.)

Many thanks to the following donators..

We would like to give thanks to the following list of people/companies for donating more than just time and effort (although with that said we do highly appreciate this too). It’s these people and companies that enable the project to do more, test to a higher level and generally provide better free software for the community and drive further development.

  • CityCloud.eu - Part of CityNetworks, CityCloud kindly donated a recurring €100 a month worth of VPS cloud hosting this has enabled us to run multiple VPS servers to host our new team email server and our public module and themes repository.
  • RootBSD.com - Very kindly donated a FreeBSD VPS of which is running our Planet site and Bug tracking system. Thank you very much guys!
  • DesignsReview.com - Ash over at Designs Review (.com) kindly donated $50 USD to the ZPanel project, Many thanks Ash we greatly appreciate your support and donation to the project!
  • WebmasterFAQs - Alex Scott over at WebmasterFAQ’s kindly donated $20 USD towards the ZPanel project, We are very grateful, thank you ever so much for your donation.
  • vstockwell (Takeachantz Consulting, LLC) – A Windows 7 Professional License (to enable us to test on Windows 7)
  • wildwestgames.org - Donated $50.00 towards the ZPanel project, We are very grateful, thank you ever so much for your donation.