There are loads of way to get involved with the project! We are keen on new members to join the team to help shape and grow the ZPanel project!

Here are just a few ways in which you can get involved:

Write code

Be part of the core development team by writing code. Generally this means implementing new features to the core code, fixing issues that have been reported on our bug tracking system and helping with the ‘release’ process.


Modules play a big part in ZPanel. Modules add extra functionality to ZPanel. Modules are generally easy for the end user to install and are a great way of adding new features to ZPanel. Your modules will then be added to the Module downloads page.


Design and upload new themes that work with ZPanel. Themes allow members of the community and users of ZPanel all around the world to change the appearance of their ZPanel installation. Your themes can then be downloaded from the Theme downloads page.


Translations are easy to do. Help us by providing translation files of your native language. ZPanel has a world wide audience of users so if you can speak the default English, please port the default translation file to your spoken language and share with others (via. our on-line translation system)!

For the language files are now available Translation downloads.

Write documentation

Are you an aspiring technical writer? – Have you got experience in setting up or using ZPanel? – We need your help! – Please help us write the community documentation!

Report bugs

Help by reporting bugs. Post bugs or feature requests on our bug tracking system.

Promote it

Promote ZPanel by blogging about it, telling your friends about it and generally just using it! You can now join us Facebook Twitter.


Test ZPanel! Run it on a test server and try to break new releases and then report any issue to the bug tracking system so our team of developers can provide fixes!