ZPanel provides the ability to install additional language packs of which the ZPanel server administrator can then set the system default to. ZPanel users (your clients) can also specify their own user specific translation from the ‘My Account‘ module.

Download a language pack

ZXTS (ZPanelX Translation Service) an on-line translation application (site) which enables members of the public to contribute translation strings of which are then available to download for free by members of the community.

Download and manage your language packs directly from your Zpanel install using the free ZXTS module

You can now install a module for ZPanel which enables you to browse and one-click install any number of language packs for ZPanelX, if you wish to install this module please run the following in your *NIX terminal or Windows command prompt:-

zppy repo add modules.zpanelcp.com/repo
zppy update
zppy install ZXTS

Once installed, enable the module via. the ‘Module Admin‘ module in ZPanel and then the module will appear in your ZPanel installation and you can then browse and install as many language translations as you wish!

We need your help!

As mentioned above, ZXTS relies on community members to help translate ZPanel into various other languages, its super easy to do and is done from website itself so if you can spare a few minutes then please check the ZXTS website and see if there are any incomplete language translations that you could help us finish off!